Why Overflow & Co.?

Overflow & Co. is about YOU—the collective OVERFLOW of love, kindness, support, and encouragement.

When I started this business, I knew I wanted it to be about more than me and my artwork. I wanted to invite my community (you!) into something meaningful.

At its core, Overflow & Co. is about human connection, encouragement, and love. Yes, I create pretty products, but it's what YOU do with them that makes the work meaningful.

Sara Curtis of Overflow & Co. designing new products

You could welcome a new neighbor into the neighborhood or connect with an older neighbor that isn't able to leave home very often. You could celebrate a new baby, a marriage, a milestone, or a fresh start. You can sit and cry and share a loss with someone. Or (as Miley's viral song is reminding us everyday) you can buy yourself flowers, a card, or a gift to create little pockets of beauty in your own home. Investing in your own mental health matters too!

When we share our love and support with others through words of encouragement or a thoughtful & timely gift, it creates a ripple effect that touches others. Just think about those Starbucks drive-thru pay-it-forward lines that go on for hours, inspiring dozens of people to pay it forward to the next person. It's amazing to see how one small act of kindness can make such a big impact.

We need each other! Will you join us in this collective overflow of love? Who knows how far the ripple effect may travel in your community? I am grateful you have joined me!

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