5 Greeting Cards to Welcome & Connect with Your Neighbors

We spent our long weekend together as a family eating good tacos, hanging out at the park, watching football, and attending the Durham Craft Market. (If I met you there, welcome!)

I talk about human connection, support, and encouragement a lot. This weekend, we tried to live it out. I was so encouraged to watch people interact with my products in person in the market. 

Can I share a favorite moment?

A young woman saw my "Hey, Neighbor!" card and said to her friend, "We should be adults and meet our neighbors!"

I decided not to butt into their conversation, but...Yes!

I don't think she bought the card, but if I inspired her to reach out to them in any way, then I consider that a win.

5 greeting cards to welcome & connect with your neighbors | Overflow & Co.

Here are 5 greeting cards to welcome & connect with your neighbors:

1. Welcome to the neighborhood!

Welcome to the neighborhood greeting card | Overflow & Co.

A classic message with a modern house illustration. You can go wrong with this card and a small treat. Bake some cookies, or grab some fresh bread from the local bakery. Write a quick welcome note and drop by to introduce yourself!

2. Thank you for your kindness!

Thank you for your kindness card | Overflow & Co.

Has you neighbor gone out of their way to do something thoughtful? Maybe they took the trash out when you were out of town or maybe they let you know they saw some unusual activity around your house. Write a quick thank you note and let them know you are happy to reciprocate to keep that connection strong!

3. Hey, neighbor!

Hey, neighbor friendship greeting card | Overflow & Co.

Maybe you feel like you missed the opportunity to welcome someone new to the neighborhood, but you noticed you might have some things in common now. This card is generic and friendly, so you can use it to connect in whatever way feels best to you. 

4. A warm welcome, baby!

Warm welcome baby congratulation card | Overflow & Co.

Have you noticed baby balloons, a carseat, or some other signs that a new baby has arrived? Drop by with this gender neutral welcome baby card and a gift card for food delivery. New parents will be forever grateful for the thoughtfulness and a an easy meal!

5. Thank you for hosting!

Thank you for hosting card | Overflow & Co.

Last, but not least...has a neighbor invited you over for a BBQ, play date, or block party? Write a quick thank you note to show your appreciation. Thank you notes may feel old fashioned, but they are still appreciated.

It's easy to overlook the value of establishing deep connections with those who live closest to us. We rely on technology to stay connected, but making a conscious effort to connect by simply saying hello to a neighbor or giving them a small gift can go a long way toward building a sense of support and community.

I'd love to share more stories sometime about the value of building relationships with your neighbors. But for now, I encourage you to start small with a simple hello and see what happens next. 

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